Top 4 simple ways to live greener

To live a green life does not mean you have to whip out that moon cup right-away (ahem ladies).
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The word sustainability has become a hyped text in the recent decade. 

To live a green life does not mean you have to condemn fossil fuel, start your own veggies patch or whip out that mooncup immediately (ahem ladies).

Simply, every small steps count.

Here’s how we’ve done it.


1. Bring a water bottle 

So you could easily gulp down 500ml water from a PET plastic bottle, but it takes up to 450 years to degrade later on. How does that make sense? 

With so many chic reusable bottle designs available these days, there’s no excuse not to be that girl walking around town with the latest IT fashion accessory. At the Bobbleware HQ,  we’re still trying to get All-Hail-MarvelShangChi-Hero-Simu Liu on board the BYO boba tumbler movement, Simu take note! 😜


2. Choose Reusable Straws 

OK we’ve all seen that image of a sea turtle with straw up its nostril.

We’ve also tried sipping through that soggy paper straws before giving up and just drink straight from the mouth.

The best alternative to single-use plastic straw is, no straw.

But as we bubble tea drinkers know, a boba ain't the same without a boba straw🤭 Our personal favourite is the Bobbleware Tritan Boba Straw here. Its lightweight and transparent clear design not only makes pearl watching so satisfying, but cleaning is a breeze too. Of course there are so many other straw options out there like the stainless steel, glass, bamboo, silicone, pasta straws (!) so there has to be one to your liking?


3. Eat Local & Seasonal 

Have you ever visited your local farmers market on the weekend, astounded by the variety of fresh produce available? Do you secretly think you’d do this more often? Or have you been amazed by how juicy the apples can be when they’re picked straight from the tree, compare to ones you get from the supermarket?

Fruits and vegetables begin to lose their nutrients within 24 hours of being picked, so fresher produce is always more nutritious. Not to mention you can save money on fresh, locally grown food by eating it when its in season. Win win!


4. Use water efficiently 

Every living species on this planet depends on water for livelihood. In contrast, many parts of the world are also tackling water scarcity where clean, fresh waster is a limited resource. Water saving is essential to our sustainability in the ecosystem. So here’s some obvious best practice all of us should be doing already. 

-Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth

-Take shorter showers  

-How about this for a personal tip? Collect those excess water generated from washing fresh fruits and vegetables, they’re great for those houseplants you grew from the pandemic hobby 🙃


We are always learning to live a greener more sustainable lifestyle, so feel free to share with us any other best practice you are doing already!






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