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Our favourite boba tea beverage shouldn’t come at the expense of Mother Nature.

Bobbleware is a lifestyle brand aim to create a sustainable consuming behaviour in the widely popular bubble tea drinking culture. 

Bobbleware’s mission is simple – to promote sustainability awareness in the popular bubble tea drinking culture around the world. 

Bobbleware's vision is even simpler – to create Bobbleware products so fun and amazing that all of us would want to use it again and again. 

Born in Australia, made for the boba world. 

Because it's 2022, we know single-use plastics ain't cool. Reusing should be the smart consuming way going forward in a circular economy.

One standard bubble tea comes in 5 default single-use plastic packaging i.e. carry bag, straw, straw wrapper, lid seal and cup. The idea of introducing a reusable bubble tea vessel stem from early 2019 when our co-founder Jolynn Beh saw the rising movement of Bring Your Own (BYO) coffee cups during her time in corporate. When she couldn't find any alternative reusable vessel for bubble tea, she created one and soon realize the taste of zero-waste bubble tea is irreplaceable!

The pandemic has seen a viral trend of make-at-home boba kit experience, by having a made-for-purpose bubble tea tumbler will no doubt elevate your DIY experience.

Bobbleware tumblers are not only made for boba, they're also perfect for breakfast smoothies, slushies, iced lattes or any beverages you choose to fill it with. Many of our existing users have even found to have increase their daily water intake using a Bobbleware tumbler around the house or in the office due to its aesthetic feature and pleasant drinking experience.

Borosilicate Glass
  • For those who value premium drinking experience, retaining the purest taste for your beverage. 

  • Benefits: Highest commercial grade glass material, traditionally used in chemistry labs and industrial settings to more recently premium kitchenware and wine vessels. Known to be durable and strong resistance towards sudden temperature changes. Able to withstand high temperature up to 600’C before melting point. All Bobbleware borosilicate glass tumblers are individually handblown by glass artisans before sending through machinery for screw thread molding.  (Did you know we are the world’s 1st reusable bubble tea tumbler made of borosilicate glass? Because we fancy like that.) 

Copolyster Tritan by Eastman 
  • For the on-the-go boba / smoothie lovers who wish to live a conscious lifestyle and appreciate all things sleek and minimalist. 
  • Benefits: Made from durable lightweight plastic, heat resistant, glass alike clarity but shatter-resistant. Bobbleware is strong advocates of reusable solution before recycling and believe that should be the forward consuming way to reduce waste in a circular economy. 

Yes, all tumbler parts across all product range are interchangeable and replaceable.  Did we hear no wastage? 

Bobbleware tumblers are sketched, designed and developed in house by our co-founders in Australia backed with industrial & intergrity engineering experience, then manufactured in China. 

 Our glass series are manufactured in Hebei province, which is known as the capital of high borosilicate glass in China. Our Tritan series are manufactured in Zhejiang province using certified Eastman Tritan Copolyester material.

 All Bobbleware products are hand assembled in our local warehouse in Perth, Australia prior to dispatch. 

Yes. Up to 600C for glass series (but why would you?) and up to 90C recommended for Tritan series (ahh that’s more like it!).

Yes. We always recommend toppings / drinks first and then putting ice at last. By following this particular order will prevent impact of ice cubes plummeting straight into glass surface from a distance. 

All individual parts of Bobbleware tumbers are dishwasher safe. We recommend to place lids on the top rack, tumblers at the bottom rack and straw in the utensils holder of a dishwasher for optimal cleaning result. 

Alternatively, handwashing with warm soapy water will do the job just fine. All parts are removable for your cleaning convenience. 

Yes, you can reheat drinks in a Bobbleware using microwave. Exception for glass-700ml where you might have difficulty fitting into the microwave due to tumbler height being 22cm.  

All Bobbleware tumblers come with a reusable Tritan straw set included. We found this combo to be the perfect match for your ultimate drinking experience.

If you prefer to pair your Bobbleware with different type of straw (glass or stainless steel ), they are available to purchase separately here

All orders are being processed and fulfil within 1-3 business days from the time of purchase.  If you need to make changes or would like to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible with your order number and change request details to  If the request is acknowledged prior to dispatch, we will do our best to process the require changes or cancellation. 

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate returns and/or exchanges for change of mind purpose due to hygiene safety reason on drinkwares. We thank you for your understanding. 


We operate as an E-commerce brand however we do have bricks and mortars resellers available Australia wide. Please feel free to check out our resellers locations here, including some international locations here.  

In the rare event that your order arrives defective or damaged during transit, we can offer a like-to-like replacement at our expense. Simply send us an email within 7 days of the date your order is received, along with your order number, name, address and a photo for proof of damage. There is no need to return the broken item, just be sure to place them in the correct recycling bin straightaway! Note: While we strive to accommodate all replacement requests, suitability assessment will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. 

You will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number and tracking link once your order is dispatched from our warehouse. The turnaround dispatch time is usually within 1-3 business days from time of purchase.  

The standard fulfilment time is within 1-3 business days from time of purchase.  We use Australia Post via StarTrack for Australia-wide standard shipping method which will take around 5-8 business days from time of dispatch. For international delivery, please refer to the standard timeframe here,  however please note that most courier delivery partners are still experiencing disruptive service, and we appreciate your patience here. 

Yes. All international orders will be shipped either using DHL Express, UPS, SF or Yanwen Express. *International shipping will be process as Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU). Buyer is responsible for any potential import duties or customs impose at destination country.

For Malaysia & Singapore orders, please visit our official distributor here

For Philipine orders, please visit our official distributor here

We accept all forms of payment from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, PayPal, ApplePay, AfterPay, ShopPay, GCash, WeChatPay and Alipay.  You will be able to see the full list options at cart checkout. 

Yes, we are an official Afterpay merchant for Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and United Kingdom based customers! You can now place orders through Afterpay using your local account. 

Depending on which country you’re shopping from, you can choose the list of acceptable currencies from the top left dropdown menu of our official site i.e. Australia (AUD), United States (USD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Great British Pound (GBP), New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and Singapore Dollar (SGD). 

We'd love for you to come onboard and spread boba warrior influence! Please dm us on IG or drop your email to while our Bobbleware's partners program is getting build here