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Glass Boba StrawGlass Boba Straw
Glass Boba Straw
Sale priceFrom $8.00 AUD
9 reviews
Stainless Steel Boba Straw
Stainless Steel Boba Straw
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Straw Travel CaseStraw Travel Case
Straw Travel Case
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Tritan™ Boba StrawTritan™ Boba Straw
Tritan™ Boba Straw
Sale priceFrom $7.00 AUD
1 review

Why choose Bobbleware?

✅ We are the first to pioneer a reusable movement in the world of bubble tea.

✅ Your drink tastes better in a well-made reusable cup.

✅ Perfect for the positive and trendy spirit.

✅ Divert single-use wastes from landfil at the same time.

✅ Designed in Australia. Trademark registered.


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A Day In My Life

7am - Breakfast smoothie time!

12pm - My perfect lunch buddy

3pm - Where my emotional support at

8pm - Need snacks for my favourite TV show <3