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This journey started in late 2019 when we noticed the movement of sustainability emerging in Australia’s café scene, encouraging the use of reusable vessels instead of default single-use cups. 
This war on waste movement opened our eyes and encouraged us to look around, witnessing the mass amounts of wasteful plastics being used in various industries around us.

One that was hard to ignore was the bubble tea industry. Famously known for its see-through single-use plastic cups with a plastic seal lid. Trying to find a sustainable, reusable alternative was unfortunately near impossible. So, when we couldn’t find a reusable vessel on the market for their bubble teas, we decided to make our own!

Our mission is simple. We want our community to know there are sustainable ways to enjoy our favourite beverage, without compromising on taste or experience. From the moment you own your first Bobbleware to your first drink in it, you’re becoming part of something bigger. A movement to enjoy your favourite drinks while helping out the environment and creating a better future. Our favourite beverages shouldn’t come at the expense of Mother Earth, and with Bobbleware, you don’t have to. 

Let us take you on this journey together.  


Jolynn & Ed, and the Bobbleware Team xx