• We are the world's 1st Reusable Bubble Tea Tumbler made of borosilicate glass, purpose designed for boba toppings, putting your ultimate drinking experience in mind.  
  • Superior commercial grade glass material  -  Our tumblers are made of Borosilicate glass, which is the highest commercial grade glass available. Traditionally they have been used in chemistry labs, industrial settings to more recently premium kitchenware and wine glasses. They are known to be durable and strong resistance towards sudden temperature changes. The maximum temperature our tumbler can withstand is up to 600'C before melting point, which means you can pour hot boiling water straight into a Bobbleware without worry about cracking the glass. 
    • Leak-proof single lid - Screw top lid enclosed with a food-grade silicone stud makes a special feature for Bobbleware to be a leak-proof tumbler. Most importantly you can shake your boba before drinking without worry about spills. 
    • Toxic free – Odourless - Glass isn’t a porous material so unlike other plasticware it won’t leach toxins into your mouth or drinks. 
      • Easy to Clean -  Borosilicate glass maintains its clarity along with all removable parts making this tumbler super easy to clean. Now go on to show off your drink content without having to worry about dirty cloudy glass!
      • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into your hand and most cup holders.
      • Chic & elegant all at once! Be that person to attract heads turn next time you enjoy your favourite drink in these impressive reusable vessel.


      We are the reason for your sustainable lifestyle switch!