Glass Boba / Smoothie Straw

Borosilicate glass drinking straw

15mm diameter suitable for all types of drink toppings. 

Thick round end for breakage prevention. 

Dishwasher safe

2 sizes available:

Regular Straw 220 mm for 500ml Bobbleware

Long straw 260 mm for 700ml Bobbleware

This item is only available in Australia & NZ only. 



Why Borosilicate Glass Straw? 

  • So easy to clean, you can easily see how spotless clean the inside is. 
  • Pleasant mouthfeel to sip through smooth surface, imagine drinking out of a round-rim glass cup. 
  • No metallic/rubbery after taste;
  • No feeling of metal scrapping against teeth.
  • Clear and transparent so you can see what you're drinking at all times. 
  • Do not react with any acidity from your drink so do not leach toxin into your drink content. 
  • Your drink taste better in glass (not even joking)!