Welcome to Bobbleware®, where style meets sustainability with an added pop culture twist transforming reusable drinkware into a vibrant fun experience.

Our Story

Founded in late 2019, Bobbleware® began with a desire for stylish, sustainable reusable option for the growing bubble tea and smoothie industry. Our founder Jolynn’s previous hustling corporate lifestyle sees her daily takeout of morning coffee using a reusable cup was a common sight in Australian cafes. However the lack of reusable option for post-lunch bubble tea cravings highlighted a gap in the market lacking similar reusable options for the popular drinks.   

Inspired by Netflix’s War on Waste series, we delved into the extensive plastic problem, focusing on the booming bubble tea industry. The iconic transparent single use plastic cups, seal, lids and straws revealed a significant environmental issue. Faced with the challenge of finding a sustainable and fun alternative, we decided to challenge the status quo.

Today, with support from 35,000 customers around the world and counting, Bobbleware® is more than a brand; it's a shared journey. We foster creativity by collaborating with our community and integrating pop culture icons for excitement in the world of reusable wonders. Have an idea? Reach out, let's chat!

plastic wastes on bubble tea and smoothie cups
Image taken along George St, Sydney AU, Feb 2023. 

Our Value

is to create a positive impact on Planet Earth and bring simple joy to your everyday life. 

Our Mission

We want our community to understand that there are sustainable ways to enjoy our favorite beverages without compromising on taste or experience. From the moment you own your first Bobbleware to your first drink in it, you become a part of something bigger.

Our Movement

aligns with legislative bans on single-use plastic items introduced in various states around the world. Now, you can enjoy your favorite drinks sustainably while expressing your personality, all at the same time.


bubble tea and smoothie reusable cup bobbleware


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